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Happiness Meme, day 5

Happiness is....

watching a funny movie (The Great Race, to be exact) with friends, and then curling up on the floor and falling half-asleep while listening to them talk about roller coasters and Disneyland and skydiving and decapitation and movable feasts and Hemingway.


Just a quick note. It was a long day, I didn't get much done, although it was also kind of nicely low-key and it RAINED THANK GOD. But it was lonely and depressing and I really needed some company.

Especially after my parents called and told me that 2 guys whom I grew up with were in a car accident today. One died at the scene and the other is not expected to live. I'm not close to them, but one of my very good friends is, so I talked to her too, and really...there's nothing I can do. Even praying feels weird.

So it was the perfect evening. God blesses me more than I deserve.
Tags: angst, death, friendship, happiness, link, meme, movie, real life

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