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Sharona! Come back...!

I have enjoyed the USA cable network's choice of shows over the past year. Monk, Dead Zone, Touching Evil (a great remake of the Brit show), and reruns of JAG and L&O: SVU.

Now I'm getting annoyed with them.

They cancelled Touching Evil. *kicks imaginary USA execs* Stupid decision. A well-written, well-acted, gorgeously shot show--with an amazing character-driven premise. And just because it has lower ratings than Monk, they cancelled it!

And speaking of Monk....

The actress who plays Adrian Monk's nurse/assistant Sharona Fleming is...leaving the show. Excuse my french, but WTF?!? I cannot begin to imagine the show without her. Or at least, the show being good without her. Adrian and Sharona have become such a team. I can't even think of a good way for them to write her off the show. There's no way she would leave Adrian, short of some disaster involving her son; or by death, which I can't see the creators doing because 1) it's a comedy, 2) Trudy did that already, and 3) well, she has a son.

*whimpers* Sharona, don't go....
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