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Random update post

So, for some reason I really feel like posting, but I don't have an essay or anything to share with you all, so this will be kind of a random collection of things. :)

So, this week's episode of House (the one with the priest) was made of win. Watching House spar a little more gently than usual with the man who's serving a God he believes has abandoned him was really interesting, and I bought that some of House's interest was because of the situation with Cuddy.

Also? Thirteen and Foreman fooling House? \o/ I actually did not see that coming. Way to go, you guys! You show 'im! (and I don't even like 13, so.)

1) I am still without work. This resulted, this morning, in my being home to answer the door to a guy in a suit who was trying to drum up financial management business in my well-to-do neighborhood. Friendly and kind of cute, so I actually enjoyed bantering with him about the state of the economy for a few minutes as I danced around actually letting him give me information, etc.

2) I'm glad my class of new Stephen Ministers is well on the way to being integrated into the ministry, but I'm also stressed about how this is going to work, and our new Caring Ministries pastor is so hands-on that I'm afraid I'm going to end up butting heads with her, even though she's really cool and I like her.

3) I've been dreaming about people I know for the past few days. Hmmm. (Well, for one person I can guess why, but it's not normal for my dreams to be almost completely *peopled* with RL characters.)

4) I haven't had the energy to write much lately. Last night I wrote almost a page of a new Larry/Megan fic! (I have other projects I need to work on, but at least I'm writing SOMETHING.)

5) I'm going to go catch up on LOST in a few minutes.

6) I filed my taxes on Monday! And I am getting a sweet federal refund this year, which is sorely needed and makes me very happy and thankful.

For my fellow NCIS fans: 'NCIS' actor's portrayal is dead on. David McCallum, how are you so completely awesome?

And because I utterly failed to rec it when she posted *facepalm*: If you haven't read kalquessa's latest fic, you're missing out.

Barefoot Girl (Supernatural/Time Traveler's Wife)
The first time Dean meets Alba, she sees him first.
A wonderful crossover, fluffy and angsty and perfectly fitted together. Warning: contains references to time travel. *g*
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