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Okay, this is me fighting back

I've seen a lot of crap come down on people I love in the past year or so. I've dealt with some of my own, too; but just constantly seeing it is wearing me down. And it's not just bad things happening: it's people being stupid, or really messed-up in the head, or just not getting what they desperately want, or having normal things happen in a way that's just the worst possible way something could go.

Sometimes it's really hard to see the good things in life, even though the world--the universe, people, everything--is utterly brilliant and beautiful if you actually stop to look around.

So here's a list of good things, some universal, some peculiar to me at this point in time:

1. Bones. I used to think this show was CSI-lite fluff, but lately I've discovered that I don't care: the characters all amuse me, Booth and Hodgins are both hot, and they tackle even tough issues with grace and insight. Not that this week's show tackled the depths, but it was about fans, so it was near to my heart. *g* (Brennan gets points for marveling at a convention about "the disenfranchised meeting the establishment...I'm at a loss to find an anthropological analogy.")

I almost always feel better about life in general after watching this show.

2. The sun is shining, it's not too hot, and there are thin clouds drifting across a pale blue sky.

3. Hot water for showering and for making coffee in a French press! *mmmmmm*

4. The mug I am drinking out of, which reads: "I think, therefore I am overqualified." (My awesome parents sent it to me.)

5. That I am never without love. That I am never wholly invisible (my favorite name for God is from the Old Testement, what Hagar called him: "the God who sees me").

6. Science, especially when it gets to be showcased in a story. (There are reasons I like CSI, and it's not just that Grissom is awesome and Greg and Nick are hot and I *am* Sara Sidle at times.) I got to go through CSI: The Experience this morning with my friend Natalie, and it was loads of fun to solve our own case, and then to see the miniature killer's little rooms on display. \o/

7. I live in a free country. There is nothing not awesome about that.

8. I live in a an area of my city called "The Beverly Hills of [my area]." In a two-story house with a backyard and three coffeeshops in easy walking distance. Also a library.

9. I have local friends who share my fandoms! I appreciate those of you who are not local (I really, really do; you all have saved my sanity more than once), but this is something new and awesome for me! :)

10. Overall, my family is very functional and loving. Even with the exceptions in my extended family, we're pretty solid. I'm so grateful for that.

11. I'm rather astonishingly healthy.

12. Babies. New little human beings. Waiting to discover all the awesome things this world does hold. (A gal at my church as well as another friend of mine recently became pregnant! Babies! Yay!)

13. My L.A. screenwriting writer's group is going to do Script Frenzy this year. I'm the one who originally told them all about NaNoWriMo, so this makes me gleeful and proud to have introduced them to Something Awesome through the internets!

14. I'm writing a new Larry/Megan fic, and turning it into a script as I go, for practice in using script format. *g* I should do this more often. (Also? I kick butt at writing. I must do more of it. It's life to me.)

15. Everything in the Boom De-Ya-Da Song is aboslutely true.


So there.

"And the light shined in the darkness, and the darkness could not put it out."
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