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A repeating dream

Huh. I very rarely "repeat" a dream, or have a second dream set in the same imaginary location.

Another one of those lengthy and full-on detailed dreams. But it was mostly set in a location I've dreamed once before: a weird sort of labyrinthine place (outdoor-seeming, with random streams of water and rocky/mossy walls, except it wasn't outdoors) full of video game setups and things like weird versions of laser tag.

Just like last time, I was there mostly with ladybrick and people I know through her here in LA (brian_rubin, etc.). They were all very excited and ran off to play their favorite games. I had my littlest sister with me (5 years old) and was very, very nervous about letting her anywhere near some of the more "adult" games. Also, one of my brothers was there, and a good friend from high school.

Very odd dream, disjointed despite its sense of realism.

And dreaming about Real People again. *quirks brow at subconsious*
Tags: dreams, real life, weirdness

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