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This is for anyone to participate in--anyone who has actually read fic. :)

I've recently realized that I have a bunch of ficlets, whether written as presents ("Shiny Daniel sequel," "Hunted to Hunter") or challenges ("Shiny Daniel Trap," "Fire & Water Redux"), which have never been posted anywhere except my LJ--or, worse, in comments to an LJ post!

Poll #1367813 What to do with LJ ficlets?

What should I do with ficlets that have only been posted on my LJ?

Leave them there; people can find them through your tags.
Create an LJ sticky-post with all your fics and ficlets linked.
Go ahead and post them in a big batch to your ff.net profile.
Other (will explain in comments)

If I repost to ff.net, should I post them as-is, or revise them?

Leave them alone, you're just reposting.
Leave them alone, you don't want to bother changing them now.
Make changes if you feel they need it.
Of course, why wouldn't you revise again?
Other (will reply in comments)

And one more question for the comments: are there different kinds of ficlets, and do some of them deserve caching on my profile while others don't quite? If so, define the differences. If not, why not?
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