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A couple more questions re: creating my very own fic sticky-post

1) Per general consensus (and common sense), I am separating my fic by fandom. This creates a dilemma: what should I do with crossovers? Not that I've written many, but there are a few. Should I place them in the fandom that they most strongly belong in? Or place them in both fandoms--a double listing?

2) There are about 12 or 14 fics/ficlets (not including the work I did on the I-Man Virtual Seasons) that are not on my LiveJournal at all. For example, my Harry Potter fic "Home for Halloween" is hosted on ladysmith (original posting for a ficathon), the Sugar Quill, and my ff.net profile--but not on my journal. Should I list the fic normally in the sticky post, but link to whichever posting I think best or easiest to leave feedback? Or should I list other archives my stuff is in at the end of the post, and include titles for easy searching of those archives? Or should I repost them all to LJ, as I did yesterday with "Interim Choices," and spam you all with my old fic? *g*

3) Is there some easier way of getting a story's word count besides copy/pasting the text into my word processor and using its word-count program?

This is a work-in-progress, but it's coming along well.
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