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Izhilzha's FanFiction Sticky Post

Welcome to izhilzha’s FanFic Sticky Post!

I've written a lot of fic in at least 21 fandoms. Everything that's been posted to the 'Net is here, to the best of my knowledge. I'm a genficcer who loves the canon of her shows, so unless otherwise noted these fics are gen and canon-compliant. (I've marked anything AU, and the few het fics I have are marked with the pairing.)

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me decide how to organize this post, with a special nod to kalquessa, who earned herself a shiny hat as Queen of Word Count for all these stories.


We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This
Professionals, Weiss thought dizzily. Of course they are. WARNING: torture. PG-13. 3,497 words.


Love Is As Strong As Death
Fred vs. Illyria. Death story. G. 403 words.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander has a lot of time to think as he holds Willow after her attempt to destroy the world. Barely-post "Grave." G. 906 words.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

In the Dark
Crack fic, inspired by the “Grave Danger” promo. PG. 269 words.

Aftermath (Sara): I’m Fine, Thanks
Part of a series of post-“Grave Danger” ficlets. PG. 1,356 words.

Aftermath (Ecklie): Consideration
Part of a series of post-“Grave Danger” ficlets. G. 775 words.

Drabble, post-“Fannysmackin’”. PG.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death, pt. 1, pt. 2
Grissom finally meets someone he’s known for a long time. (crossover with Sandman) Death story. PG. 1,038 words.

Negative Space
“Shift’s over, huh?” you whisper, and only when the words echo back from the empty corners of the break room do you realize you’ve spoken them aloud. Future-fic, now quite AU. PG-13. 880 words.

Doctor Who

The Longest Road
The Doctor isn't here yet. Bollocks. Eleven, Amy/Rory. PG-13. 4,743 words.


A Little Diversion
Hùndàn little mercenary. Zoe and Jayne have to work together, early in Jayne's time with the crew. PG. 1,150 words.

The Nameless Seeker
Shepherd Book tells a fairy tale to the children at Haven. PG. 2,720 words.

Flying Lessons
River likes her piloting lessons best when she has Serenity’s bridge all to herself. Post-Serenity. G. 1,040 words.

Harry Potter

Home For Halloween
It is twelve years, to the night, since James and Lily Potter were
murdered. There could not be a more perfect time for a friend to hunt down their
PG. 2,974 words.

the difference between me and them
Percy holds himself to the highest possible standards. G. 179 words.

Night’s Candles
Sirius didn’t own much, not after so long in Azkaban and on the run. But everything he left behind holds ghosts for Remus Lupin, once again the last of the Marauders. Now slightly AU. PG. 3,865 words.

Entertaining Strangers
Part of fernwithy’s Dumbledore’s Grid challenge: what if Dumbledore recruited people from wizarding communities around the world to help in the fight against Voldemort? Warning: OFCs. PG-13. 6,502 words.

By the Manner of His Death
Ron was suspicious. Death story. PG. 322 words.

The Sorting Hat has its own view of people it once sorted. Set during Deathly Hallows. G. 414 words.

House M.D.

Breaking Point
The most accommodating best friend has a breaking point. Death story. PG. 323 words.

The Invisible Man

Eberts, the one-man accuracy machine
Good workers are unappreciated. G. 148 words.

Congratulations, Hobbes
A new case involving Chrysalis takes on a very personal meaning for Hobbes, and, through him, for the rest of the Underfunded Six. Co-written with seer_cordy. Warning: OFC. PG. 19,513 words (in six chapters).

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (Bobby Hobbes)
What the “end of the world” might look like to Bobby Hobbes. Part 4 of a series of 5 linked ficlets. PG. 960 words.

Drabble (set in the Virtual Seasons). Adam Reese sends Darien an email. G.

Life on Mars (UK)

Unreal . . . Real
Drabble. Fists, meet collarbone. Shoulder-blades, meet wall. A touch of violence. PG.

The Most Important Piece
Sam receives a letter. Gene wakes up in the dark. Can they put the pieces together in time to save each other? Written for Yuletide 2009. PG-13. 5,793 words.

Miami Vice

The Smart Thing
Switek has some thinking to do after the events of “Hard Knocks.” PG. 365 words.

midrash (Bible fanfic)

Sometimes, as a child, she had thought there would never be an end to waiting. Based on Luke chapter 1. PG. 300 words.

Physician, Heal Thyself
He was not beautiful. That was a lie. Based on Luke chapter 4. G. 451 words.

In the Grove
Here, in the olive grove, sheltered by the low, dark branches, it should not be this cold. First in the Holy Week series. G. 553 words.

There Will Be No Miracle
The midday sunlight presses down, baking red blood into the dirt of Golgotha--the hill of execution. Second in the Holy Week series. PG-13. 509 words.

The bread tastes like dust. Third in the Holy Week series. G. 494 words.

Unable to sleep in the hour before dawn, I join Simon outside the house. Fourth in the Holy Week series. G. 584 words.


Colby is fascinated by the way Charlie helps solve cases. This is one reason why. G. 515 words.

Larry says farewell to his beloved. G. 179 words.

Statistical Ghosts
When Charlie wondered how the agents cope with difficult cases, Megan told him: We did something good today. But what if the only thing you can think to do isn't enough? PG. 1,401 words.

Phantom Intelligence
Charlie isn't the only one who had trouble dealing with this particular case. A companion piece to “Statistical Ghosts.” References to child abuse. PG-13. 2,485 words.

Family Business
Crossover with Supernatural. Don Eppes walks into a bar, and meets John Winchester. PG-13. 1,400 words.

Alms for the Poor
”It’s just a student crush,” Charlie says. But what if it’s not just that? PG. 1,708 words.

Drabble. Charlie tells Megan how worried he was about Don 5 years ago. G.

The Mansion of a Love
"O, I have bought the mansion of a love,/But not possess'd it, and, though I am sold,/Not yet enjoy'd...." A first time fic. Sort of. Larry/Megan. PG-13. 300 words.

Don had meant to be reassuring. Don/Liz. Romantic humorous fluff. PG-13. 140 words.

Five Fortunate Generations (the Ones Who Wait Remix)
Drabble remix, about Colby's family history. PG.

Day Has Gone Down
Megan isn't coping well with the events of “The Janus List.” Megan/Larry. PG. 4,604 words. (Read the commentary!)

Sua Sponte
There is an accident during the transportation of two prisoners. This is the aftermath. Post-“Janus List,” now AU. PG-13. 3,219 words.

Breathe for Me
Things tickle at the back of his mind: the snap of latex gloves, a gunshot, the flash of light off a pair of glasses. He’s not sure they’re all real. Colby and Megan in the aftermath of "Trust Metric." PG-13. 2,154 words.

Recalibration (The Afterimage Remix)
Drabble remix; David tries to get his head on straight post-"Trust Metric." PG-13.

Remembrance Of (The Son’s Remix)
Drabble remix, post-“Trust Metric.” G.

Out in the Cold
And now he had lost track of Megan, in this house of carven wood and wine-dark wallpaper. Megan/Larry. G. 976 words.

How Can One Keep Warm Alone?
His mouth curves in that small understanding smile, but he doesn’t say anything, and she would turn and kiss him for that if she didn’t really want that hot chocolate. Sequel to "Out in the Cold." Megan/Larry. PG-13. 2,425 words.

Turn the Hearts of the Fathers
A sign, perhaps. A thaw, the opposite of the freeze that has existed between herself and her father for the past several years. Mostly gen, but some Megan/Larry as well. PG. 3,928 words.

God save idiots like my partner. PG. 1,780 words.

The Wavelength of Ruby
He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath. He has work to do, a goal to accomplish, he can’t let this get to him. WARNING: implied death of a major character. PG-13. 1,924 words.

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (Charlie Eppes)
What the “end of the world” might look like to Charlie. Part 5 of a series of 5 linked ficlets. Warning: triggery subject matter. PG-13. 2,436 words.

Only A Day Away
Why can't Robin find Don? What's happened to him, to his team? Disaster-fic, set nominally after the finale. Don/Robin. WARNING: possible character deaths. PG-13. 3,035 words.

What’s Mine is Yours
Future-ficlet. Not AU yet. *g* G. 873 words.

Numb3rs/Doctor Who

Charlie and the Sonic Screwdriver
Charlie finds something odd, and meets someone even odder. G. 454 words.

Don and the TARDIS
Ignorance may, in fact, be bliss. G. 415 words.

Quantum Leap

private treason
Sometimes, Al can't be strong anymore. PG. 288 words.


User Wins
”Game Over” ends on a tragic note... How will Dot and Mouse, and the rest cope with it? G. 1,481 words.


Because I Could Not Stop for Death, pt. 1, pt. 2
Grissom finally meets someone he’s known for a long time. (crossover with CSI) Death story. PG. 1,038 words.

Black and Blue
Jim meets an unexpected visitor in the blue jungle. (crossover with The Sentinel.) G. 1003 words.

The Sentinel

Wolf’s Hour
Late, late at night, Blair has a lot on his mind... PG. 1,361 words.

To entertain a bored Sentinel, do something unusual and then leave him out. Humor. G. 401 words.

Black and Blue
Jim meets an unexpected visitor in the blue jungle. (crossover with Sandman.) PG. 1003 words.

Scents of Celebration
Jim Ellison woke to the distinct feeling that something was wrong. Future-fic, OFC. G. 1,349 words.

Coming To Terms
After ten years of friendship, there are still things that Jim hasn't told Blair. OFC, future-fic, same universe as “Scents of Celebration.” PG. 2,745 words.

Drabble. Jim and Blair 5 years after 9/11. G.

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (Blair Sandburg)
What the “end of the world” might look like to Blair. Part 2 of a series of 5 linked ficlets. Set in the same universe as “Scents of Celebration,” so, future-fic. PG-13. 1006 words.

Stargate SG-1

Interim Choices
When aliens choose to interpret Jack's dedication to the fight against the Goa'uld a little too literally, can the team find a solution before it's too late? PG. 6,970 words.

C is for Child
Janet needs a listening ear, and Sam is there for her. Pre-"Singularity." PG. 758 words.

Impossible Questions
Sam has some theories about the Nox, and Daniel isn’t sure he wants to hear them. PG. 1,240 words.

Roll With the Punches
In a military op, you can’t anticipate every situation. So they teach you one simple rule: Roll with the punches. PG-13. 739 words.

Sometimes Daniel thinks that the first translation team got closer to the essence of the word. PG. 321 words. (Read the commentary!)

Self-Medication at Oh-Three-Hundred Hours
Sam Carter’s having a nightmare. That shouldn't surprise me, but it does. G. 1,129 words.

Haunted (The Irreplaceable Remix)
Drabble remix; Jonas and Jack, season 6. G.

My Adopted Big Brother (The High School Hero Remix)
What might have happened to mini-Jack after “Fragile Balance.” PG. 4,909 words.

Fire & Water, redux
This is too much like history repeating for Jack’s liking. Death story. PG-13. 412 words.

Shiny Daniel trap
“I said don’t touch anything!” Death story...sort of. PG. 381 words.

Shiny Daniel sequel
Daniel returns from his . . . sojourn. Sequel to “Shiny Daniel Trap.” PG. 790 words.

The End Ahead, the Enemy Behind
Jack and McKay saving the world? Ooookay.... Death story. PG. 484 words.

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (Sam Carter)
What the “end of the world” might look like to Sam. Part 3 of a series of 5 linked ficlets. AU classic team. Warning: character death (also, smarm *g*). PG. 737 words.

E Is For The End
There's a shift, and suddenly he can't feel much of anything. Jacob Carter, at the end of "Reckoning, Pt. 2," additional spoilers for "Threads." PG. Character death (sorta). 305 words.

Daniel will miss Sam. Set between seasons 8 and 9. G. 299 words.

These Are Gold
”Make new friends, but keep the old/ Those are silver. . .” Cassie, Sam, and Jack all have decisions to make. Set after season 8. PG. 4,629 words.

G is for Gratitude
George’s mother had a favorite Scripture verse: “A thankful heart has a continual feast.” PG. 893 words.

Star Wars

Grief Is Not the Opposite of Peace
A young Jedi padawan and her Master are helped on a supposedly routine mission by Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn. Warning: OFCs. PG. 13,042 words (in 4 chapters).


All I Want
Wee!Dean versus Sammy’s addiction to the world’s most annoying Christmas song. G. 238 words.

Dean Winchester, Ghost Hunter
He never told Dad. G. 200 words.

Family Business
Crossover with Numb3rs. Don Eppes walks into a bar, and meets John Winchester. PG-13. 1,400 words.

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (Dean Winchester)
What the “end of the world” might look like for Dean. Part 1 in a series of 5 linked ficlets. Vaguely AU now. PG. 408 words.

Hunted to Hunter
”Spoils of war.” Jamie/Dean. PG-13. 331 words.

Paid Back
It must be opposite day. Dean h/c. PG-13 for graphic harm. 817 words.

If You Love
“Call him. Call him and tell him to come home.” Sam visits Lisa, without Dean along. PG-13 for language. 1,200 words.

Touching Evil (the American version)

Let Me Down
Defiance feels like freedom. Makes you a little bit drunk. PG-13. 1,343 words.

The X-Files

After “Roadrunner,” Scully ponders God, and the possibility of hope. PG. 793 words.

She’s My Partner
Can Doggett do anything to hold Scully together after “This Cannot Be Happening”? PG. 814 words.

Multi-Fandom (non-crossover)

In Fire, Some Say In Ice (multiple fandoms)
”Some say the world will end in fire/ Some say in ice. . . .” What “the end of the world” might look like from the viewpoints of Dean Winchester, Blair Sandburg, Sam Carter, Bobby Hobbes, and Charlie Eppes. 5 thematically linked stand-alone fics. Warnings for angst and character death; specific spoilers for Supernatural season 3. Total words: 5,561.

Other Places My Fics Are Archived

My fanfiction.net profile
The Sugar Quill (all Harry Potter)
CalSci Library (gen/het Numb3rs archive)
Artifact Storage Room 3 (Sentinel archive)
A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (Doctor Who archive)

And.... I now have a profile at Archive of Our Own!

I’ve also written and co-written episodes of The Invisible Man Virtual Seasons.

If you spot any errors or broken links, please comment or PM me. Enjoy!
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