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RE: last night's episode of House



"Simple Explanation"

I'm not quite sure I believe the show just did that.

It was a really solid episode in terms of writing and acting, I have to admit that. But...Kutner? Really? Suicide?

I almost expected House to be right, insisting at one point that this didn't add up and therefore it must be murder, not suicide.

I'm also not sure whether I should feel cheated that we didn't see Kutner during this episode at all, not even when they found his body, no chance for that farewell; or whether I put that with the other moments in this story which made the impact that much greater. Other such moments include: the tiny subplot about Foreman turning Thirteen away because he's used to dealing with bad stuff on his own; Taub finally breaking down alone in a corridor of the hospital; the moment at the funeral where the pallbearers (including Foreman and Thirteen) carry out the casket, and we see people we don't recognize doing some of the work, and wonder who they were to Kutner.

I do feel a bit miffed at the fact that they showed a suicide hotline number right after the episode. I agree with the reason for it, and hope that someone who needed to see it did call for help, but it made the story feel less like a story, made Kutner's death seem like nothing but a cautionary tale. I hate that; he's the only member of House's team, currently, that I really *like* and would want to hang out with. He deserved a little better than to be the subject of a Very Special Episode.
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