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A couple of quick notes

First, check it out: my Fanfic Sticky Post is up!

Whew. So many thanks to everyone who gave me their thoughts and ideas on how to put that together; you helped me so much. If you see any problems or have additional thoughts, don't hesitate to comment on the post, or to PM me.

On a slightly different fannish note, the numb3rs_awards are right in the middle of their voting period. I've been slack this year, busy with other things, but if any of you have extra free time, there are some really great stories in the gen category, in particular. Voting closes next Thursday, I believe.

Speaking of Numb3rs, I had a random fannish dream last night. A lot of it was very mixed up, but basically I was either watching or involved in an episode of Numb3rs, in something very DRAMATIC happens to one of the main characters. I remember thinking, briefly, "but no! It doesn't happen this way!" because in non-dreaming RL I've been spoiled for an upcoming plot twist that was very similar to this. And I remember looking at a list of upcoming episode titles on a computer screen and deciding that they were rumors, because I know one title and they'd gotten it wrong, and because in one episode Megan would be coming back, and I didn't think that likely.

So still anxiety dreams, I guess, but of a much more amusing variety.
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