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Numb3rs wittering

Okay, y'all, I cannot keep my mouth shut. I haven't been this excited for a new episode of one of my shows since...oh... since the weeks leading up to CSI's "Grave Danger," which (among other things), induced me to write Grissom-is-a-psychic crack fic. *g*

This Friday's ep of Numbers is going to be AWESOME. I was keeping my excitement in check until I saw a couple of spoilery pictures and realized that, yes, it really is going to be LIKE THAT. *flails*

(I have, in fact, started a post-episode fic already. It can't go much of anywhere till I've seen the ep, but it's going to get written, oh yes.)

It's going to be tough to wait! Good thing there's new Chuck and Bones and Supernatural this week to distract me....
Tags: fandom, numb3rs, promo, spoiler, squee, tv

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