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"The Fifth Man"

Anybody have squee about the newest episode of Numb3rs?!

I haven't gotten my comments down at real_numb3rs yet, due to an INSANELY busy weekend, but I watched it Friday night, and oh boy, what an ep.

--OMG DON WHUMPING HURTS SO GOOD. (Oh, come on, you can't make me believe you all haven't been waiting for this. *g*)

--The flatline moment was cliche to the nth power, but once again Numb3rs does what I love most about this show, and makes the reactions so clear and realistic that I can't be bothered by the cliche.

--Random crossfandom aside: watched rerun of West Wing ep "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" yesterday, and Josh's injury is "a collapsed lung and ruptured pulmonary artery." Almost the exact wording as Don's injury. To any nurses out there: where exactly was Don stabbed, then? I can't quite tell from that scene itself.

--It's painful how much Charlie wants to stay with Don ("my place is with Don") and how the team and Alan push him away to do his math. It's like Charlie sees a chance to do the opposite of what he did when his mom was dying (run away to math), but life won't let him. OMG CHARLIE. *smishes him*

--Did I do the sums right? Charlie was up for at least 72 hours straight? He looked it, by the end.

--I adore how we got to see everyone react to Don's injury and to this case in different ways: Nikki with guilt, Liz with nostalgia, Charlie also with guilt, Amita with encouragement and hard work, David by becoming even more awesome than usual, and Colby by flipping out with a suspect. It's like "One Hour" in reverse; that episodes showed us how Don sees his team, and this one showed us how Don has shaped his team.

--I'm a little bummed that Larry wasn't in this episode at all. Partly because it kind of derails the post-ep fic I was planning on writing. *g* I can still do it, it'll just be a little different than I thought.

Supernatural, "Jump the Shark": We got Sam's "I'll take that as a compliment." To which Dean replies, "Take it any way you want to."

Numb3rs, "The Fifth Man": Don tells Charlie (again) "I never wanted this life for you." Charlie, "Neither did I." I cannot work out what he means there. Next ep, please?!

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