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A Prayer for Temperance and Fulfillment

Just what it says on the label; written by me.

A Prayer for Temperance and Fulfillment

by izhilzha

Father God, Lord and Creator,
Give me the strength to say "no"
without resorting to shame,
to fear,
to unneeded guilt;
or--worse, pehaps--
to villifying any of your good gifts,
whether that be wine or coffee
or stories or sex.

I am yours, my Lord, in every part
and long like a lover to be possessed
by You,
full to the brim and sated
by the overwhelming grace and glory
that is Your paradox and duality:
Your utter holiness and godhood,
Your sensate and natural humanity.

By Your mercy and wisdom make me
like You in all things:
especially in the love You teach me for
Your beautiful and shattered people,
those you seek with abandon and unending passion.

Give me the strength to say a true "no,"
that I may have room and power to say a truthful "yes"
to You and to them,
over and over again.

Tags: church, friendship, godstuff, prayer, real life

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