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Questions re: moving from Dell PC to Macbook (iBook G4)

Hey, all. I'm in the process of going from my old Dell PC laptop to a new-to-me iBook G4. It's running the Mac OS X. In case someone has more knowledge than me, or has done a transition like this before, I have a few questions.

1. I want a word processor that is readable by PC users as well as Mac. What about OpenOffice? Is that worth looking into?

2. On a similar note, most of my documents are in Wordperfect format. Any idea what the best program would be to read these on my Mac? Or do I need to go through and save them all as .rtf or something? Basically I just want to have easy access to all my documents.

3. I tried to update the version of Safari this computer came with, but the download won't install because "the Billing Materials" aren't there, or something. Should I just download Firefox and ditch Safari? Or does anyone have an idea why this might not be working?

Any thoughts about such a move, in general, is welcome. You might know something I won't clue into for a while. :)
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