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Phrases that get stuck in one voice

Okay, this is a little odd, but it's fannish so bear with me. :)

Has anyone else noticed everyday phrases getting stuck in their head in a particular intonation? I'm not just talking about fannish lines that become, for instance, common currency in a household (like Sam Winchester's "I lost my shoe," for one example), but words or phrases that retain that intonation just in your head.

Example: ReBoot fans will recall a scene from second season where AndrAIa responds to a question with a high-pitched, gleeful, "Apparently!" It's very hard for me to hear/think that word without hearing AndrAIa in my head.

Another, very odd one: This is from Numb3rs. I noticed recently that I've given Megan Reeves the line "me too" in more than one fic, and it's because I can so clearly hear her saying it in my head. I couldn't think why, because I couldn't recall a specific scene where that came into play...and then I did. But it wasn't from an episode; it was from the second season gag reel. (For any who've seen that, the takes from "Rampage" with Megan and Colby in the dojo--Colby: I'd hate to see what they consider 'bigger.' *both actors struggle not to laugh* Megan/Diane Farr: Me too. *they both lose it*)
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