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This is pure selfish annoyance

For all the talk about Dreamwidth probably not being that big a deal in my sections of fandom, I'm already seeing flisters who are moving almost exclusively over there (i.e., they are crossposting but have turned off LJ comments or similar).

I've been pondering a minor trim of the flist anyway, and this is making me seriously consider wholesale defriending anyone who's moved or is planning to move to Dreamwidth to that extent. Because it's starting to seriously annoy me (and scare me, I think, though I haven't had "my family abandons me" dreams the way I did when everyone was threatening to move off LJ after Strikethrough).

I just don't have time to keep up with a move like this. Flat out.

I'm sure this post sounds like I've been brooding over this. I haven't, oddly; but every time I check my flist I'm reminded. *shrug*

Tags: angst, dreamwidth, flist, lj, not-rant

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