izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Stargate specials at Amazon.com

Okay, you guys. I don't have the $$ for these items, but thought some of you might:

Amazon.com's Gold Box special for the day is Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series for the lovely low price of $131.99. That's fairly impressive as markdowns go.

The same link will take you to the page where the related "lightening deals" are happening today; they are all 'Gate-related, and change every few hours. A sale on Ark of Truth just ended, and now season 1 of Atlantis is on sale. More sales will be opened up at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm.

Just FYI. :)

(Now, after that madly frivolous post, I am off to a funeral. *sigh*)
Tags: amazon.com, fandom, link, stargate sg-1

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