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July 8th, 2009

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10:19 pm - Fanfic pet peeve
It's small, and since I don't read a lot of het, doesn't apply across the board, but:

I hate it when fic authors marry of a character but neglect to say who they've married. Especially if the reason given is because a) it's not important to the story, even though said significant other is mentioned/present, b) they don't want to anger various 'ship subsets, or c) because they haven't thought about it and don't know themselves.

It seems to me to be lazy, slipshod, and not creative. Pick a canon character, or make someone up, but don't just leave a faceless gap. Please? The poor character deserves that much.

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Date:July 9th, 2009 11:37 am (UTC)
The spouse is present as a character in the story, and yet she (or he) is a nameless, faceless...thing? Is that what you mean? Yeah, I suppose that would be kinda odd.

I've done it a time or two in my Hope Verse - I'm thinking specifically of the story where Sam's son is born. I did say just "your wife" there, because at the time I *didn't* know who she was, didn't want to use up a lot of time thinking about it, and she was definitely offscreen. The point of the story was that Sam was terrified about being a father, so I let her just be a cipher there. (I did fill in the blanks in another story, later on.) I guess it would depend on how it's handled, whether it would bug me as a reader or not.

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