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Blakes 7 catchup post #1

I have 8 more episodes to watch, and I realized that I haven't posted reactions of any kind to the past 5. *facepalm* Sorry, guys! I'm going to try and catch up, here, though I haven't time to rewatch them all, so there will be only what I remember.

(If I forget to mention anything truly awesome, remind me and we will squee. *g*)


So much shiny goodness in this one, I tell you. I'll break it down as the random bits occur to me.

--It didn't take very long for Blake to get them all organized into a team that can fight, did it? Part of me is impressed, part of me wishes I'd gotten to see more of that development (by which I mean: more of Avon being unimpressed and suspicious and difficult). Though I imagine there is more of that to come. And watching the teamwork almost makes up for it. *pets them all*

--Vila! I love you! Only a genius could open that kind of lock...so of course you can do it. Exaggerating the odds and then boosting one's rep by doing the job anyway, oh, you make me grin.

--Though to be entirely fair, Vila does seem to be rather a genius at this sort of thing: opening security doors in the blink of an eye when he's scared enough. *beams at him*

--And they're taking a cipher machine. That strikes me as a really good idea.

--Oh, so this is Servalan. She is rather pretty, but needs less makeup or something. I love the casting of such a tiny actress with such great presence, though. Effective.

--I do like that Cally has become enough part of the crew (though it feels like she's still different from them, which I also like) that we see them reacting to her presumed death. Blake, dear, you are very predictable with the leadership guilt, but that's okay, it's part of your charm.

--Nice build-up to Travis' introduction: harsh, men won't serve with after the massacre, etc.

--It completely failed, however, to prepare me for the fact that Travis is HOT. Eye-patch and all. *swoons* He's a calculating, passion-driven brute, and in that sense I don't like him at all; as a character he's quite a grand foil for Blake; and then there are his good looks and just the sheer attractiveness of him. No, I have no explanation. Can pheromones be transmitted via videotape and DVD? Cause that is really my only explanation. *fans self*

--Well, and Travis is no fool. Ordering the forensic examination and all.

--Epic backstory between Travis and Blake is...well, it is kinda epic. *g* And just personal enough that I buy it, particularly with Blake's reaction to Cally's "death" fresh in my mind.

--And Blake is no fool either! \o/ I do like it when the good guys are smart. And the fury in Travis at being tricked, at having his own tactics used against him, at not getting Blake...! Yeah, that was kind of satisfactory, and promises more lovely conflict to come. *anticipates with glee*

--I almost forgot to mention the mutoids! Very interesting execution of a common idea. Chilling, in fact. Slaves, disturbing vampire-robot slaves, sort of.

"Mission to Destiny"

Not so much to say about this one; I didn't like it much. Or, perhaps, didn't find it all that interesting.

--I saw the ending coming, but this is probably because I watch and read a lot of crime fiction. :) It was fun to watch the crew puzzle out what was going on. (Though I facepalmed when they didn't check the box the neurotope was in before actually flying off to deliver it.)

--Watching everybody get sleepy while exploring the ship was pretty amusing, I have to say.

--It was cool to see Cally in action more, here; and to watch Avon putting the pieces together. Nice work!


Another great ep (if faintly cracktastic on the sci-fi side of things).

--Quite curious about the Guardian and the Keeper, early on. And the younger actress is stunning; like a painting or sculpture.

--Travis and his mutoids again! At this point I already knew I'd like this episode. :)

--I found it interesting that Gan is the one who spots Sinofar and Giroc (yes, I looked up how to spell their names).

--I did figure out that whatever was going on with the alien ladies, it was probably going to involve a test of some kind, and would end up having to do with violence in some way. But I enjoyed the mystery of it, trying to unravel what was behind their actions, and if they were telling the truth. Very powerful, clearly, with the psychic force and the transporting people to the surface.

--Blake and Travis dueling! \o/ I was hoping for something like this after "Seek-Locate-Destroy."

--Deeply intrigued by the interactions between Travis and his mutoid girl. The talk (taunting?) about her previous identity, her need for blood and her detached demeanor. Kind of makes me want to write fic about mutoids.

--Blake can't (or chooses not to) kill Travis. Very predictable for an idealistic hero, but at least he has a practical defense for his actions (didn't trust the ladies; better the devil you know than the devil you don't) as well a personal one (he would have enjoyed the killing too much).

But watching Travis speak cruelly to his mutoid (no softening there, even after the fighting together; a terrifically interesting dynamic), and declare that Blake made a fatal mistake.... I don't know. On another show that might be villainous bragging. On this one? I don't know.

Next two tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how busy the weekend gets.
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