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Seeking fic recs (New Doctor Who)

My friend sarcasticval has recently been introduced to New Who, with good results. :) She's particularly becoming fond of the Tenth Doctor, and is seeking fic but having a hard time doing so without spoiling herself for later in the series. To date, I believe she has finished series 3 (Val, please correct me if that's not right).

Particularly looking for fics with Ten and Rose (or, y'know, Ten/Rose), special emphasis in these areas:

--h/c where the Doctor is the one injured
--Ten/Rose where the relationship itself is developed and growing, not just assumed as background
--wacky plotty hijinks (especially of "The Idiot's Lantern" type)

(I sincerely doubt she'd say no to fics with Nine, Rose, and Capt. Jack, either, given her reaction to "Boomtown." And they could probably be either gen or OT3. *g*)
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