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Blakes 7 catch-up #2: Project Avalon and Breakdown

Finishing up, here, so I can start watching new eps!

"Project Avalon"

Adventuresome! I do like hearing more about the resistance outside of Blake's little private "army." :)

When Travis and his mutoids capture the rebels, I kind of expected the rebels to close ranks and not admit which of them was Avalon (since there's no way any of them could expect to survive this). That would have been interesting.

All good rescue plans start with chivying Vila into coming along and breaking locks, yes.

Nice job keeping up the mystery of what exactly they're going to do to Avalon--it could be torture, I had the thought that they might make her into a mutoid, it could be any number of things.

Of course the Federation spends time and resources developing fatal diseases with a suicide gene attached. I...probably shouldn't find it as clever as I do, given how nasty it is.

Wow, Blake, an assault on the detention centre is actually working. I'm kind of shocked, even knowing that Travis is totally letting you in so he can capture you.

So was Chevner in on Travis' plan or not? The Avalon 'bot kills him when he figures her out, but that doesn't rule out his participation (not in this universe).

Avon's reprogramming androids now. Well, I guess he is quite clever with computers; this just means it's more genius-level than I thought. :)

I'm a bit astonished that the real Avalon was still alive at this point.

Travis is kind of Mr. Melodrama, with the swearing to kill Blake if it takes his entire life.


An episode with a lot of Gan! Unfortunately, he's not himself. (I know I won't have him for much longer; I may have to start asking for fic recs with Gan in them.) Actually, it amuses me that this is the second time we've had Gan be sort of the damsel in distress (not quite a woobie, because flipping out violently isn't usually the done thing for woobies, but...). *pets him carefully, leaving bindings intact*

I'm intrigued that Avon volunteered one of his bolt-holes when they're considering where they could take Gan for treatment without Federation interference. I'm not sure what to make of it. He's being practical in terms of making a contribution to solving the problem, but he didn't have to, I'm sure. Huh.

Zen doesn't like explaining things, does it? So of course they're going to ignore it and get into trouble. Like a bad parent and inquisitive, confident children.

Watching all the tangled mess of the Federation-sympathizing doctor, Blake's lies, Avon's underhanded truth-telling to the station administrator, Gan's situation, etc, was excellent. I'm impressed. I'm particularly impressed with Blake for coming up with the one threat that might make the surgeon comply: "Fix Gan or I destroy your hands."

Although the ending was quite tragic--BOOM goes the neutral station. Yikes. Dark show is dark. O_o

Onto more episodes!
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