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Dang it! This keeps happening!

Okay--a bit of background. I work in an office building that shares a parking lot with the Burbank Airport Hilton, which has its own convention center. There are often random groups gathering there, computer techs, quilting associations, and so on.

Once, I came out of work on a Friday evening to see a huge "FARSCAPE" banner plastered across the convention center. I'd had no idea there was to be a 'Scaper Con right next door to me!

Then there's today. A year ago, I wasn't a Stargate fan. Now, I really, truly am. I drive into the lot...and there's a rather pretty banner advertising: Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis Convention Tour.

Cue me whimpering. I'm going to spend the day wishing I was in there.

Particularly since I figured out which con it is (Creation Entertainment Official SG-1 Convention), and who is going to be there as guests.

*sigh* I'll wait for next weekend, and the San Diego ComiCon.

But I still wish I was next door.

(Oh yeah, and there was a woman standing around the doorway--in army fatigues. *snerk* I love my fellow fen.)
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