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Blakes 7: "Bounty"

And I start into the episodes I just received in the mail! :)


It was fun watching Cally and Blake sneak around in the woods. I got a kick out of Cally improvised use of telepathy, and then the considered use of it a few more times during the mission. (More Cally would be great, I like her quite a lot.)

I liked the mention of the Auron ambassador to Lindor. Backstory! (It sounds like Cally knew him; but I couldn't figure out if she meant "personally," or if perhaps the Auronar are well-connected through their telepathy, at least at home....?)

I'm sure I know the actor playing Sarkoff from somewhere. *puzzles over this*

I did like the palpable despair Sarkoff has going on. The reasons for it, the rationalizations for holding onto it--all felt very real.

Vila! I love you a lot. I also love that the camera stayed on him, waiting past "He agrees with me!" to "That makes it all worthwhile." Understated, low-key sarcasm is my favorite.

I also love his disgruntled action when he can't raise Avon or the others; strapping on a weapon, grumbling, walking to the door, and only then pausing for a moment of nerving himself up to actually step off the flight deck into the unknown. He may be fearful, but he's not as much of a coward as he likes to say.

Captured by bounty hunters! Um, well, okay--it's a weird combination of storylines, but I liked the episode overall, so.

Vila's nervous fretting over the collars! And the prickly, tense one-upmanship contest going on between Vila with the collars and Avon with the door lock, *snerk*.

Vila: "[If it explodes,] and I'm right behind you?!" Blake: "That's why I trust you," with a grin of all things; it's a clever comment meant to settle Vila down, I guess.

And Blake is reluctant to believe that Jenna has betrayed them (and he's right), while Avon seems to think it's just the nature of the universe, of course she did (though he's annoyed at her, certainly).

I for one was quite pleased to see Jenna being smart and kicking butt.

Also--I may have made this up, but I swear she seemed jealous of Tyce addressing Blake in a familiar manner. Stepping into the line of sight and everything, making Tyce deal with *her* to some extent.

The Amagons' casting (Middle Eastern, give or take?) and costumes put me in mind of Lawrence of Arabia.

Overall, I enjoyed this. Especially the emotional stuff and the bits with Vila and Avon and Blake.
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