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Official new fandom

You guys, I can't stop watching Blakes 7.

Well, I have to, now that I've plowed right through all the episodes I have! *g* But my brain is full of Blake and Vila and Avon and Servalan and Travis (complaints about #2 later), and I have the main title theme playing on kind of annoying repeat in my head.

Also: I can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to slash Blake and Avon, since the relationship as it is on the screen is so bloody intense! Adding to it would be...overkill, surely.

Also also: I kind of want to cosplay Cally from "Redemption." *loves on the sweeping overtunic*

Also x 3: I badly want to read or write Vila h/c, or possibly het fic featuring Blake (Blake/Jenna, perhaps?), because he's still the most attractive guy in the crew. (I would also take fic recs with moondiscs in them. but not all of these together, please. *g*)
Tags: blake's 7, fan fic, fandom, squee

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