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Weird fannish late-night thoughts

So, being on a John Simm kick, I watched the end of Doctor Who's 3rd series. Just finished "The Last of the Time Lords" (which was actually better than I remembered, and this was the first time I'd seen it with the missing scenes cut back in--DVDs are awesome).

But my brain is making thematic crossovery connections, this time around; specifically, with The Sentinel. When the Master dies in the Doctor's arms--that's kind of a tough scene to watch. On one hand, of course the Doctor is going to be massively upset, and of course the Master is going to treat it like another chance at one-upmanship. Nothing rings false, there. But I cringed, thinking how it must look to Martha, and especially to her family, who had all sworn to kill the Master themselves.

It triggered the sense that I'd seen this before, this kind of insanely divided loyalties. And of course I have: in "Sentinel, Too." Master = Alex Barnes, Doctor = Jim, Martha = Blair (well, kinda-sorta).

And now my brain is attempting to come up with some kind of way to mesh the two in an actual story. Jim meets the Doctor, perhaps? *thinks*

(Or maybe I shouldn't even try, and the lesson here is not to watch "Last of the Time Lords" when I've had a drink. *g*)
Tags: crossover, doctor who, fannish, john simm, the sentinel

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