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Writing Meme

Nabbed when I saw jedibuttercup doing it:

1. How often do you write in a week?
That's a rough one. It really depends. I don't have a schedule right now, and when I'm plotting or working on an outline I tend to lump that in with "writing" time, even though it isn't really. Maybe... 6-8 hours a week, right now? A lot of that is spent on articles for an online magazine, at the moment, but that counts.

2. Do you carry a notebook with you? Is it full of stuff to do with writing?
I used to carry one all the time, and while it would collect non-writing data as well, it certainly was stuffed with ideas, snippets of dialogue, etc. I just bought another tiny notebook, because I was thinking this past week about how I should start carrying one again!

3. Do you only write when inspired?
No. If you wait for inspiration to strike, you never get anything done. Mind you, I enjoy writing in that high-flying mode where it just pours out, but it's rare enough that I've learned not to depend on it.

4. Can you self edit?
I think this question should be: can you *not* self-edit? It used to be obsessive with me--I had a hard time ever finishing rough/first drafts because I was fiddling with everything as I went a long, and losing sight of the story in the process. Over the past few years I've taught myself to let go a little bit, and discovered that a quick rough draft and several passes at rewriting works really well for me...IF I can keep that inner editor quiet for a bit.

5. How do you feel about critique?
If it's critique from people who don't know my source fandom as well as I do (I got a critique on one of my Sentinel stories once from someone who clearly hasn't watched the show *g*), I laugh at them or blow it off. If it's thoughtful, and shows that the person critiquing knows their stuff and is letting me know something that jumped out at them, I really appreciate it. I strive constantly for clarity and communication in my work, and everything that helps me learn to do that better is awesome.

The one thing I really hate is when people use something I wrote as an excuse to rant. That is NOT OKAY.

6. How do you feel about rejection?
It sucks.

7. Are you misunderstood?
Um...I'm not an emo teenage artist. So, no, not really. I'm not always listened to, and I'm very different than a lot of people, but those aren't necessarily the same thing.

8. Is your writing misunderstood?
*bursts out laughing* Not usually. But then, I work for clarity, and I tend to be more interested in making my readers experience something than in expounding the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. (On rare occasions where I use, say, a more subtle or experimental style and people don't quite get it, I get annoyed.)

9. Do you consider writing a craft? An art?
Both. I consider it an art, and approach it as such, but my favorite thing about writing is the nuts-and-bolts craftsmanship that goes into it. Rewriting is my favorite part of the process.

10. Have your relationships suffered because of writing?
No. But my writing has occasionally suffered because I was afraid that focusing on it too much would hurt my relationships. I'm still working that out.

11. Has your job suffered?
No, not from writing. From comparison with writing, yes, because words are infinitely more interesting than numbers. :)

12. Do you ever get smacked with inspiration?
Yep. I enjoy it the most when what smacks me is the sudden turn of plot for a story I'm stuck on; the moment of "OMG OF COURSE this is how it happened!" And inspiration can happen anywhere, any time.

13. What percentage of writing is talent, inspiration, and hard work?
I think you must have some talent, or writing soon becomes an exercise in frustration. Inspiration: 5%, Hard Work 95% (Talent isn't a percentage, it's what the work rests on--whether you have a lot or a little).

14. And most importantly - do you enjoy writing?
I love it. It makes me feel alive. If I don't do it for a while I get really depressed. I'm good at it; it's like doing magic. It gives me a voice, gives me power, and channels what I have to say in ways other people can enjoy and comprehend. It's a gift, and I hope I never lose it.
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