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Life on Mars drabble

Fandom: Life on Mars
Title: Unreal . . . Real
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Spoilers: nothing, if you've at least seen the pilot (I can't imagine it will make sense if you're not a little familiar with the show).
Summary: Fists, meet collarbone. Shoulder-blades, meet wall.
Author's Note: I really didn't think I would end up writing any LoM fic. The series is so great in itself. But this just kind of spat itself out, so...enjoy.

Unreal . . . Real

by izhilzha


Fists, meet collarbone. Shoulder-blades, meet wall.

"Where the hell were you, Tyler?!"

Sam pushes back, but his DCI is leaning in with all his considerable bulk. Sam is tough but he just doesn't have the mass to shift Gene. "Right here. Guv."

"Then bloody act like it." Gene shoves off and stalks away.

Sam takes a breath, stretching new, warm bruises. He needs to be more careful; it's easy to lose himself here. Start feeling like a ghost.

When did Gene Hunt's fist to his stomach, or a shove against a wall, become proof that he--Sam Tyler--actually exists?


(p.s. to those who write dialect: should I have tried some in the dialogue here? I can hear their voices, but....)
Tags: life on mars, my fics, writing

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