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This'll teach me about appropriate hairstyles. Or not.

Yesterday I had a new experience. I went with several friends (and my boyfriend) to Knott's "Scary" Farm, which is a Halloween-themed event (well, it lasts for weeks, now) at one of the local amusement parks.

First, just let me say that the performers at the park impressed me greatly. Who needs a spooky soundtrack when the park is dark and occasionally smokey, and random scary ghouls and ghosts and zombies randomly jump out from bushes and the crowd to startle screams and nervous laughter from the guests.

Also, a remixed version of some music from Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog was being used in one of the haunted houses. *snerk*

But the new experience I referred to happened later in the night. I'd had an interview earlier in the day, and left my hair up in its professional-looking knotted bun for the evening. Somehow, I didn't think that it might be best to change this during the 45 minutes we stood in line for the awesome wooden rollercoaster Ghostrider.

By halfway through the ride, my hair had come completely down.

It was awesome. :)
Tags: halloween, real life, rollercoasters

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