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More Pretender

So in the gaps between series of Life on Mars, I am watching some more Pretender (and also State of Play, about which more when I'm done with it).

Of course Jarod had to be a lawyer at some point. :)

My favorite part of this episode was Jarod's friendship with his first client, the transvestite cab driver. Such a fun character, and totally willing to break the rules for and with Jarod.

Aside from that, and the moment when Miss Parker almost shoots Jarod, this one felt a bit forgettable.

Oh, I really like Jarod as a motorcycle cop. And once again we have some fun guest characters--Hettie is so personable, and a solid twist on an older character unwilling to give up her freedom. (I'm a bit weirded out that she didn't think to get glasses herself, though.)

I really did love how tangled up in wanting his family found Jarod is, how much it tied him to this case, the dreams, the sort-of waking visions. *pets his angsty head*
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