izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Weird dream last night, hah

I'd normally stick my Dream of the Endless icon on this post, but Darien Fawkes is a much better fit, given the content of the dream.

It was one of my detailed story dreams, but different in that this time I wasn't a hunter, a detective, a spy, etc. Myself and two or three other people (all RL people, too, I think) planned to break into someone's apt/house and steal something. At least, I think we were going to steal stuff; either that or we needed to get a look around (steal information, as it were).

We pulled up in my car, to a hidden sort of alcove near the door, and then spent some nerve-wracking time (it was daylight, do not ask me why we couldn't wait for dark) trying to get the door open. (The entire area was stucco/stone--the floors and roads and driveways, the walls which were tunnel-like, the doors themselves.) The two guys who lived in the place finally came along, and we had to flee. They saw us, saw me clearly enough that I knew they would recognize me if they saw me again, and gave chase, but we got away.

There was quite a lot more to the dream, including discussing with my partners whether we should turn ourselves in, trying to get away from the two guys when they almost found me, worrying over the fact that we'd had to leave my car behind and that they would be able to trace me by the VIN number, etc.

I've never dreamed I was a thief before. Intriguing. (I put very little stock in dream dictionaries and the like, because dream symbolism--especially mine, ha--is too personalized. But one of them says that dreaming you steal may mean you are afraid of losing what is yours. Which is...scarily close to reality right now, actually. Hmmm.)

Although all the bits where I was discussing what to do and whether to confess may just have drifted over from last night's episode of House *g*
Tags: contemplative, dreams, house md, real life

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