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Remixthedrabble stuff

Not quite recs, but just me being pleased that 4 of my fics were remixed in this round (a lot of people writing multiple remixes, I guess), and wanting to show you all. :)

Holding (BTVS) was remixed as:
Holding (The stalwart and true Remix) [Willow, Xander, mentions Giles, Tara, Warren, 150 words, rated PG-13, implied character deaths]

Chappa'ai (SG-1) was remixed as:
Chaapa'ai (The disney world Remix) [Daniel Jackson, Sha're mentioned, 200 words, rated PG]

Day Has Gone Down (N3) was remixed as:
To Thine Own Self (The Taking Care of Larry Remix) [Larry, Megan, 100 words, rated G]

Superheroes (N3) was remixed as:
Using Math to Fight Crime (Or, How Colby Thought They Would Take Over the World) [David, Colby, 100 words, rated G]

This is the second time "Day Has Gone Down" has been remixed in remixthedrabble, and the second time "Holding" has been remixed (the first time in the gen remix that multi_fic ran).
Tags: btvs, fic rec, ficathon, link, numb3rs, remixthedrabble, stargate sg-1

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