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SPN and N3 Spoilers here.

Well, sort of. Small ones. But I have to share with somebody. DO NOT click underneath the cut unless you want to be spoiled for the basic plot of an upcoming SPN ep, and a casting spoiler for N3.

YAY! Ausiello reports that Michelle Nolden will be back for multiple episodes! I'm very, very glad we get a long-term relationship for Don. I was getting a little worried that we hadn't seen her yet this season.

BODY-SWAP EPISODE HAHAHAHHA. I think the writers are all smoking Edlund's weird crack this season. But I admit that I'm kind of looking forward to this one. Hands up, who is dying to see Jensen play Sam and Jared play Dean?

Yeah, I'm a little bit excited right now. (Easily pleased, that's me.)
Tags: fandom, numb3rs, spoiler, supernatural

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