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N3 remixthedrabble fic: Five Fortunate Generations (the Ones Who Wait Remix)

Original Fic: Six Generations, by swingandswirl
Remix: Five Fortunate Generations (the Ones Who Wait Remix) [Colby Granger, 100 words, rated G], by izhilzha


Hannah, fourteen, has already chosen her husband; she's waiting when he returns, brotherly blood on his hands.

Elise, traveler, fellow healer, stays as close to the line of battle as she can. Until their first child.

Rebecca manages Atticus' work as well as her own; the farm is flourishing when she leads him home.

Barbara, afraid of heights, teaches her twins to pray constantly for victory in French skies.

James missed the draft because of his eyes. But his Vietnam angel loves that unbroken boy in him.

Five generations had reasons to fight.

Colby faces unknown years without even that.

Tags: my fics, numb3rs, remixthedrabble, writing

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