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A Letter to my Yuletide Author:

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my first time being involved in Yuletide, and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what kind of story you'll write for me! I'm probably a bit more restrained in my tastes than some (please forgive the length of this letter), but don't worry, within a few boundaries I'm pretty open, and will be fascinated to see what you come up with.

My tastes in fic run strongly to gen, with an occasional side trip into het romance. I don't like slash, largely because I'm All About Canon (I don't tend to go for non-canon het pairings either), and because I adore rich portrayals of close non-sexual relationships, whether family or friendship (especially friendship-as-close-as-family). If you normally slash the characters I've asked for... I dunno, think of this as a challenge. *g*

I love anything that gives me more of the characters as they are in source canon. If I can recognize them, in action and interaction and dialogue or narrative voice, you will have made me happy, full stop. Within that requirement, I'm open to everything from ridiculous happy fluff to gut-wrenching angst, from babyfic to character death.

I have special soft spots for friendship, h/c, adventure stories, and small, intimate (not necessarily sexual, just intimate) moments. I'm fond of smarm, too, though (as with h/c) I want the story to earn it and I want it to be in-character, even if the characters are being more open or affectionate with each other than usual.

Specific squicks include: non-canon slash, porn for the sake of porn, incest, sexualized violence (unless it's not explicit and is absolutely necessary to the story), and explicit descriptions of sexual behavior. I'm pretty vanilla, in case my stated gen preference didn't convince you of that already. *g* I don't enjoy partner betrayal, romantic or otherwise, but again, it all depends on characterization. I have no problems with violence or language.

And now the fandoms:

Ardeth Mayhew -- Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey
Golden Dream expanded the Fuzzies' history in a great way. I love all that, the social, historical, psychological stuff, with cute and competent Fuzzies and fascinated and/or clueless humans. I'm particularly fond of anything involving baby Fuzzies (who wouldn't be?), and interaction between humans and Fuzzies. Go nuts; write your favorite characters, or the scene you always thought should happen, or that h/c where Fuzzies take care of their erstwhile human protector. Just--no inter-species romance/sex, please.

I mostly enjoy the Bobby & Darien Buddy Spy Show, with a side of Bobby/Claire. No objection at all to Alex, the Official, or especially Eberts, but I would prefer that the story focus on Darien, Bobby, or Claire--all together would be best. I'm fond of h/c, and Darien-hurt in particular, Quicksilver-related or otherwise. Any time the QS gland makes Darien's life more complicated (stage 5? silver eyes?!), I cheer. Perhaps an angsty adventure, in which Bobby and Claire have to rescue Darien from another agency? Or an AU in which Darien runs away from the Agency early on? (You know what else I wouldn't mind? Somehow bringing in Adam Reese, from the second-season episode "Johnny Apocalypse." But that would be extra-special with sprinkles on top, so don't worry about making it happen.)

Life on Mars (UK)
I am all about Sam Tyler, and his emotional journey. So anything set during canon (in 1973), anything that feels like a missing episode or scene or something that could have/should have happened, would be very welcome. I really would prefer the story not be too heavy on the "insane scale"; anything on the level of the Tony Crane episode is the upper limit. And please, nothing set after the finale, I'm not looking for speculation on Sam's situation from the other side of that jump. Outside PoVs on Sam are okay, too. I'm particularly partial to Sam's relationship with Gene, antagonistic friendship and differences and all--they balance each other very well. I think Annie's fantastic, so Sam & Annie or Sam/Annie plays well for me. H/c, again, is something I enjoy; the more realistic the better. And I adore, adore, adore 2006 bleeding through into Sam's experience of 1973; my favorite episodes include 1.2, 1.6, 2.1, and 2.5 for just that reason.

Miami Vice
Again, I'm all about the partnership, the buddy friendship, but this time it's Crockett and Tubbs: the cool, troubled Miami cop and the smart, tough New York cop. There is far too little fanfic about them out there; I would love a good, solid h/c story, especially if Crockett is hurt and Tubbs provides the care and comfort. (And I'd prefer the hurt to be something fairly unusual--not a gunshot, canon already did that.) But if you want to go further afield, that's cool too. Anyone else from the cast is welcome (as long as they don't over shadow the partnership), and it doesn't have to be set during the run of the show--it might be fun to see what Sonny and Rico are up to in their retirement. It doesn't even have to be hurt or angst; it could be humor or fluff, Crockett teaching Tubbs to sail or something. Whatever grabs your muse. :)

Thank you for being my Yuletide author! I'm looking forward to this a lot, and remember, none of this stuff is set in stone. I want to see what you come up with! Happy writing!

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