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Writing projects/fics I'm working on right now

I feel like I've been terribly lax at keeping you all up to date on my writing life over the past year or two. Here's a quick, current list.

--A secret collaborative project with a producer/writer from my church. Has serious commercial potential, but we're having a bit of trouble getting it off the ground. I'm about to go do some work on it.

--Second Sight, my fandom murder mystery feature. I'm having trouble being motivated about this right now, especially after SPN did a fandom episode.

--Bones spec, which needs a plot fix before I can actually move forward with it.

--Hush-hush Yuletide fic. :) Still in the brainstorming stage.

--A Numb3rs fic that is currently with my beta.

--A bunch of short ficlets I am working on and hope to finish before Christmas.

--Still working on the visions!Dean story, Each Should Carry. Not done, but there is forward momentum.

I'm actually feeling like there aren't many in the hutch right now, or else I'm just ignoring the hutch and its contents because life is insane right now. These are unlikely to be written or written soon at least, but have a gander. *g*

"Awake" (LoM)--We rarely see this verb used in the active voice, "I awake"; why is that? Do we see ourselves so passive in sleep that the idea of waking ourselves is massively foreign to us? What does awake mean to Sam? (There is actually a story here.)

"No, It's Not" (N3)--Colby's defensiveness about his undercover work to Ian in "Ultimatum" grabbed me. Write something from his pov during the hostage situation, or afterwards. Does Ian take him out for a drink to say sorry? (Does Nikki make Ian do it? LOL.)

"Taking It" (N3)--also a followup to "Ultimatum." Don takes the shot in that moment, instead of letting Ian get situated with Colby. It's a split-second decision that nearly kills Don. And is only a nightmare; he wakes either to see that's he's scared the crap out of Charlie (having crashed at Charlie's place after the last prison scene), or Robin wakes and comforts him, or, maybe, he wakes at work after having fallen asleep on his desk and freaks Colby out a little by being flaily (hugging C? lol).

Untitled Life on Mars/Doctor Who crossover. I know what I want to do with it, it's a matter of finding time and not freaking myself out over attempting to write 1970s Manchester dialect.

I still really would like to finish that Sentinel deathfic story that no one ever votes for.

And "Working Girls," the preseries Numb3rs/CSI crossover focused on Megan and Catherine, still grabs me whenever I pull it out.
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