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Just watched "The End of Time" pt. 1

...and have no idea what to think. O_o

I love Wilf and his silver cloak. *g*

I adore the Doctor; the moment in the cafe was startlingly unexpected and perfect.

but I'm not at all sure about what's going on with the Master. Okay, I can buy his resurrection plan, and it having gone wrong (I do kind of love that Lucy did that), and maybe even his weird powers as a side effect. But I also spent a lot of time going, "He's truly mad. I don't think I like that. He's not even clever anymore." Which fortunately proved untrue, but the whole thing was quite discomfiting to watch.

I'm also not at all sure about bringing back the Time Lords. I find myself very VERY resistant to that idea, for some reason.

Thoughts, you all?
Tags: doctor who, review, spoiler, tv

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