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Fic-writerly update, or, YAY! the I-man story is done!

This has taken far longer than it should.

I am a writer (and plotter, and beta, etc) for the Invisible Man Virtual Season. I volunteered to write this episode a year ago, and it was to air in January '05.


It's just now going to beta, and hopefully to our webmistress by Wednesday. But oh my word, that is too freaking long for one story to be eating my brain. Even if our editor Suz apparently thinks it's "the most true to the show so far".

as i am typing away at my new fic:

*tap on my shoulder*

Me (distracted): What?

*throat clearing*

Me: Just a second.

Warrick: It's been a month. How much longer are you going to leave me distraught in that stinky hospital waiting room, anyway?

Me: Warrick! Sorry, thought you were Ecklie...

Warrick (smiling that gorgeous smile): OK, now I'm offended.

Ecklie: Actually, now that Warrick has your attention....

Me: Oh no. Go away. You waited this long, you can wait a little longer.

Warrick: You wanna tell that to Grissom, too?

Me (cringing): You tell him. I'm busy.

Darien: Hi! We're back!

Me: *facepalm*

Hobbes: Sorry, miss, he insisted. Didn't you call?

Me (faintly): You guys just left. I spent six months with you, dragging you through San Francisco. Why are you back?

Darien: 'Cause you had a story for us? Something about me prank-calling Jones?

Me: *whimper*

Jack O'Neill: I heard someone's free to write more fic about me?

Me: Not today, Jack. Take a number.

Jack: Who am I after? Who do you have there right now?

Me: *hiding current project*

characters gang up on me and drag me away to reveal a shabby-looking Draco Malfoy

Me (into stunned silence): It's not my fault. It's NOT!

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