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2009 Fic Year in Review

I wanted to wait until the Yuletide authors were revealed, so my list could be complete. :)

the fic year in review

stories i wrote this year:

In chronological order (completed, or standalone series fragments):

1. Hunted to Hunter (Supernatural)
The way he looks at her, wandering from hem to hairline with a considerable pause in the middle, almost makes wearing the damn dress worthwhile. Dean/Jamie, spoilers for “Monster Movie.” Written as a birthday present for feliciakw.

2. All I Want (Supernatural)
Pre-series. Wee!Dean vs. wee!Sam and the world's most annoying Christmas song. Written for kalquessa, for the Christmas gift-fic offer.

3. Uneven (Numb3rs)
Don plus disorientation equals an upside-down situation. 150 words. CURRENTLY BEING EXPANDED INTO A FULL-LENGTH FIC.

4. C is for Child (Stargate SG-1)
Sam was almost through her egg-salad sandwich when Janet finally got to the point. “I think I might be pregnant.” Season one. Written for Janet Alphabet Soup.

5. Recalibration (The Afterimage Remix) (Numb3rs)
David tries to get his head on straight after "Trust Metric." Written for the remixthedrabble Drabble Purist round. Original story was Between Trust and Doubt, by emmademarais.

6. How Can One Keep Warm Alone? (Numb3rs)
His mouth curves in that small understanding smile, but he doesn’t say anything, and she would turn and kiss him for that if she didn’t really want that hot chocolate. Larry/Megan; a direct sequel to my fic Out in the Cold.

7. E is for the End (Stargate SG-1)
There's a shift, and suddenly he can't feel much of anything. Jacob Carter, at the end of "Reckoning, Pt. 2," additional spoilers for "Threads." Written for Jacob Alphabet Soup.

8. Unreal...Real (Life on Mars)
Fists, meet collarbone. Shoulder-blades, meet wall. Drabble.

9. Five Fortunate Generations (the Ones Who Wait Remix) (Numb3rs)
Colby's family is made up of heroes--soldiers of war and of the war at home. Written for remixthedrabble. Original story was Six Generations, by swingandswirl.

10. The Most Important Piece (Life on Mars)
Sam receives a letter. Gene wakes up in the dark. Can they put the pieces together in time to save each other? Written for dreamsofstars, for Yuletide 2009. Also my first story to be stored at Archive of Our Own!

my new WIP's were:

I continued working on Each Should Carry (Supernatural), The story my betas persist in referring to as visions!Dean. What is posted is not complete, it isn’t even corrected; I won’t be posting it as an actual WIP, but as a finished story, once that happens. I’m about 3/5 of the way into it. Maybe even a bit further.

my favorite story of the year. not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest:

How Can One Keep Warm Alone?

From my past year of writing, what was...

my best story:

How Can One Keep Warm Alone?

story most under-appreciated by the universe:


most fun:

Hunted to Hunter

most disappointing:

None, really. I'm a bit sad I didn't get the expanded version of Uneven posted this year, but it's been a rough year and it's not a short fic, now.

story with single sweetest moment:

How Can One Keep Warm Alone?. Full of sweet moments, but I'm thinking of the moment when Megan tells Larry that he keeps her safe, and finally makes him believe it.

story with the sexiest moment

Added back into my version of the meme, because I have sexy moments in stories this year. *g* Hunted to Hunter, definitely; if I were to pick a moment, it would be when Dean unzips the dress and rests his hands against her skin.

story with most interesting idea:

C is for Child. I think it's interesting, anyway; it helped me refine what I thought about Janet and her attitude towards motherhood.

hardest story to write:

The Most Important Piece, holy crap; that one wins hands down.

easiest story to write:

E is for the End

most unintentionally telling story:


most "OHMIGOD HEY *I* WROTE THAT" fanon-turned-canon moment:

SPN wrote the same plot as my ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY, damn Kripke and Co.

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would did this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Less, especially given that I also wrote less original stuff that I'd hoped to. Grrrr. :(

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2009?

Life on Mars, because even after seeing the whole show I predicted that I would never write fic for it. It's too complete and awesome. And yet here I am, having written 2 fics!

what's your favorite story of the year?

I can never pick just one for this question, and this year there are quite a few. Um. I had no idea I'd read this much fic this year--I thought the reading had slacked off along with the writing! Or maybe it's just that there was much good fic written by other this year and I was fortunate enough to find them. I've put these in no particular order:

Dead Soldiers: An Oral History of the End Times, by fryadvocate ( girl_wonder ) (Supernatural)
Although much has been written about the sociological and theological importance of the "End Times War", there has been much less written about the individuals directly involved. Using interviews with primary sources, this paper seeks to examine how Dean and Sam Winchester, two criminals with a history of violence and petty theft, became commonly known as a prophet of the Lord and the Anti-Christ. An AU, which has since been Jossed but is still quite astonishing. Dark, graphic, amazing.

the space between opposites, by savagestime (Doctor Who)
There is a word in Greek that is ‘pharmakon.’ It is a word that means the cause of an illness and it is a word that means sickness and it is a word that means the cure to illness. Thesis, antithesis, and all that lies between, captured in one word. I'm not sure when this is supposed to be set, or which regenerations we're supposed to picture; it almost has to be AU by definition; but none of that matters. It's a gorgeously linguistic story about the Doctor and the Master. Caveat: it might read as slash or pre-slash to some, but if you've got gen goggles it's just really intense gen.

Salt of the Earth, by yaycoffee (Supernatural/Joan of Arcadia)
Sam and Dean have come to stop the something that is killing co-eds in Nebraska, Joan and Grace are right in the line of fire, and God hasn't so much left the building as he's being a pain in Joan's ass, giving her a mission for her first college spring break that might just save the world. Finally, someone wrote the SPN/JOA crossover I've been dying to read, plotty goodness and God-interventions and all. Spoilers for all of JoA and for SPN up through at least season 4.

Just Sleep, and Sleep, by maestro1123 (Life on Mars)
Sam is sent home after a job-gone-wrong, and finds it difficult to relax, until he hits on an unusual but possibly successful way to get back to 2006. My favorite LoM fic to date. Compelling. Shades of gray and no easy answers.

Lunch, and Other Obscenities, by rheanna27 (Star Trek - AOS)
Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her. To quote the author, in spite of a whole lot of sex, nudity and people eating in public, this is firmly a PG-13. And it's also mostly gen with a slight dusting of Spock/Uhura. If I had to pick one out of this list to stand as the best, this would be it. Complex, complicated, hilarious, and spelling out a lot of truth.

Barefoot Girl, by kalquessa (Supernatural/The Time Traveler's Wife)
The first time Dean meets Alba, she sees him first. A cute, sweet, realistic blending of the two universes. Knowing just one 'verse should enable you to read it, but knowing both means you'll love it to death.

Master and Commander and Zombies, by Anonymous (Aubrey-Maturin novels)
The plague spread like fire through the population of London. Jack had travelled from Ashgrove as soon as he heard the news from Half Moon street, telling Sophie that she was to keep the servants and the children as isolated as possible; she had nodded through her tears, omnipresent since Stephen’s letter had arrived. “I will, I will, of course. Oh, Jack, look after him.” Just what it says on the tin. And like O'Brian's novels, a fantastically appropriate narrative voice.

PUSH, by tree_and_leaf, (Harry Potter)
The author says: Originally written for the “Totally not Bad-fic” challenge; the relevant cliché was ‘Evangelical who objects to magic goes to Hogwarts.’ That sounds like a recipe for disaster, but in the capable and knowledgable Christian hands of tree_and_leaf, it becomes a funny, sad, real study of moving from blind faith to a faith that holds and loves the world as it is. It was hard for me to read at first, but I highly recommend it.

did you take any writing risks this year?

I wrote sexy het fic. Fade-to-black, yes, but still. And I signed up for Yuletide and met it, with a solid, plot-driven story in a fandom I'd never seriously tried to write before. BEHOLD ME, FOR I AM AWESOME.

what fanfic or profic goals did you make last year, and how did you do in meeting them?

These are my goals from last year:

Profic: Write a full draft (at least) of my murder mystery feature. Write either another TV spec or an original TV pilot.

Failure on all points. I did work on the murder mystery, but it's not a full draft yet. And no TV spec or original pilot script.

Fanfic: write less of it, putting more energy into specs/profic. Finish at least one of my longer projects (hopefully "Each Should Carry"). Finish that darn TS AU short fic.

Wrote less, but did not manage to put that saved energy into original work as planned. Did in fact make serious progress on Each Should Carry. Did not finish that damnably annoying TS fic.

do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?

Profic goals for 2010:

--write at least 10 pages a month. (goal set by writer's group.)

--write 3 short film scripts this year.

--finish draft of murder mystery script.

--continue working on super-sekrit project with producer that I know.

Fanfic goals for 2010:

--Finish Each Should Carry. Get it beta'd and post it for all to enjoy.

--Get the long version of Uneven tweaked and posted.

--Finish that darn TS AU fic. (Someday I will, if I keep it on the list, right?)
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