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Brief response to the latest episode of Chuck

Dammit, Chuck, you are not the show that is allowed to punch me in the gut! That is reserved for DRAMA, like House or Supernatural or Buffy, or occasionally Doctor Who.

Good episode, definitely. Tangled, well-plotted, good Intersect 2.0 stuff and character work and lots of fantastic peril going on, plus laughs. I kept going, "No, they won't--they DID! Awesome!"

And then that last 60 seconds or so: Devon walking into the exam room, the reveal of the assassin, the cut to Sarah's stricken face as she comes to tell Chuck, the whisper in his ear of which we only hear the name "Devon" and Chuck's choking "Oh my God," and the pan over to Ellie as she comes out to ask if either of them have seen her husband.

I was completely convinced that the show had done an at least 90-degree turn into dark, and killed Captain Awesome. Every tiny bit of those two scenes screamed it. In a dramedy like Chuck, it had me panicky and hyperventilating.

Thank goodness for previews. It's not quite what it seems. And oh man, I cannot even wait for next week. *bounces, in relief as much as anything*
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