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Multi-fandom vid recs

I don't usually watch a lot of vids, but sometimes I run into cool stuff that must be shared. I want to make sure everyone has seen these! *g*


A Child's Prayer, by brihana25
Dean and Mary, to Pink's "Ave Mary A." Brilliant use of a song that should not work but does, completely; spoilers through season 3, and leaves us at a place that "In the Beginning" only confirmed.

Life on Mars

Back There Someday, by nancyblackett
Sorry, flist, this is only for people who have seen the final episode of series two. Otherwise 1) you won't understand what's going on, and 2) you'll have the ending utterly spoiled for you. Don't do it. The rest of you: this is a beautiful vid, some fantastic juxtapositions along with some obvious ones, but the song saves it from anything like mediocrity. (Yes, "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" is one of my favorite songs ever.)

Doctor Who

Movin' Right Along, by nancyblackett
Anyone recall this song from The Muppet Movie? It makes for a brilliant vid featuring all the Doctor's incarnations and most of his companions. Because...yeah. That's exactly what the show is like. :) This vid makes me so happy.
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