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I realize that frustration is probably not an overwhelmingly productive response to life, but sometimes, it's really the only one available.

1. People who think they know exactly how to fix one's joblessness. Jump off a cliff, you idiots! Or run a free class, if you know so bloody much.

2. Unemployment, who are now forcing me to do a phone interview to ask me questions about something that's not even applicable to my situation. (I triple-check those forms before I send them in; I can't see how this could remotely be my fault.)

3. Tutoring students who keep either canceling or not being there when I show up. WTF?

4. I just can't seem to get stuff done in a timely manner. I feel I am drowning in guilt.

My boyfriend, who is comfortable and comforting and lovable and loving. *kisses*

New Supernatural last night, which was quite fun.

I did not have anxiety dreams last night. I had weird dreams, but not of that particular brand of wear-me-out-asleep.

I get to go to church with said boyfriend later today, and am much looking forward to it.

I have friends and family who love me. (And I reconnected with some fake "cousins" from my childhood on Facebook yesterday!)

John Simm and David Tennant are a great commentary duo. :)
Tags: angst, gratitude, real life, work

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