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My brain needs to chill out

Seriously. All week, insane dreams, and the past two nights, insane dreams with unpleasant or annoying emotional side effects.

I'm totally blaming Friday night's dreaming on the Dollhouse finale.

It was long and detailed, and most of my family and people I know in RL were in it. Something crazy had happened to the world, buildings were abandoned or sunk into the ground, infrastructure and social norms just gone. We were banding together to seek shelter, food, water; for some reason going underground seemed like a good idea. But even that wasn't going to be enough. We all knew that whatever we were doing to survive wouldn't matter--sooner or later, something else was going to happen, something truly catastrophic (possibly the atmosphere was going to get ripped away from Earth?) that would make all our planning absolutely futile. The general emotional vibe was one of useless efforts in the face of absolute despair.


Then last night there was a disturbing, lengthy "story" about a serial killer killing young women. I don't remember a lot of the details, but it was a very detailed dream, one of those that feels like it's happening in real time.

And my boyfriend was in it. The one thing I remember clearly, possibly because it was right before I woke up, was asking him if I should come over on Sunday night as usual, and him saying, "No, that wouldn't work this week." And in the dream this somehow freaked me out and made me worry that our relationship was going down the drain. (Which is odd, because in RL I sincerely doubt that would even phase me--we both tend to get busy and neither of us minds.)
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