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My answers to the fandom character meme

Here's my list of characters:

1. Don Eppes (Numb3rs)
2. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
3. Janet Fraiser (SG-1)
4. Darien Fawkes (Invisible Man)
5. Catherine Willows (CSI)
6. Castiel (Supernatural)
7. Vila Restal (Blakes 7)
8. Megan Reeves (Numb3rs)
9. Jack Hodgins (Bones)
10. James Wilson (House)
11. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
12. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
13. Jack O'Neill (SG-1)
14. Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files)
15. Devon Woodcomb, aka "Awesome" (Chuck)


Janet Fraiser, Vila Restal, and Jack O'Neill walk into a bar. What's the punchline? (Or, what happens?)

"A doctor, a thief, and a colonel walk into a bar...." If I were better at jokes, I could actually give you the punchline to that setup, but I'm not, so:

What happens is that Janet and Jack are on a date (neither is the other's superior, so it's not against regs), and a cheerful and very sloshed Vila manages to amuse Janet by hitting on her in ridiculous and self-deprecating ways, and impresses even Jack with his magic tricks. Eventually Jack has to take him aside and threaten him to get him to leave them alone.


Don Eppes commits a crime, with Karrin Murphy as his accomplice. What is the crime? And will Janet Fraiser bring them to justice?

FBI Special Agent Don Eppes conspires with Sergeant Karrin Murphy (Chicago PD0 to break Charlie and Harry (their respective consultants) out of jail after a very weird case involving a wizard who creates his magic using a peculiar application of mathematics.

Janet knows too much about the weird things the universe holds to report the suspicious activity she sees while on leave visiting family...at least not to the authorities. She definitely puts together a report for Stargate Command, however.

(Lordy, that would be an insane crossover to attempt.)


Vila Restal is dreaming about Janet Fraiser and Darien Fawkes. What's the dream about, and what does Vila wake up screaming?

The dream is about a crazy man with red eyes who can turn invisible and attack people, and a short, fierce woman who is trying to stick a huge needle into the crazy man's neck. Vila wakes up screaming, "No needles! No needles!" and cowering on the floor.


Castiel and Megan Reeves are caught in a compromising situation (of any type) by Devon "Awesome" Woodcomb. Which would Devon be more likely to do: rat them out to James Wilson, gossip about it with Kaylee Frye-- or join in?

After a case that involved very weird stuff and resulted in injury, Megan is recovering in the hospital--and is visited several times, mostly in the middle of the night (i.e. after visiting hours), by Castiel, who needs information Megan may have. Megan is okay with this once she figures out that Cas can tell her all about the supernatural world, and give her the information she needs to stop this happening again.

Devon, who is Megan's doctor, catches Castiel there after hours and sees the angel vanish into thin air. Megan's explanations are not entirely sensible, and Devon makes her stay an extra few days, and totally gossips with his mechanic Kaylee the next day about his patient's mysteriously vanishing boyfriend.

(...This is altogether too plausible a crossover to ignore. *puts in plot bunny hutch*)


Gene Hunt, Kaylee Frye, and Devon "Awesome" Woodcomb are just minding their own business, trying to get some work done, but then there are zombies and everyone's day is spoiled.

Hmmm. A cop, a mechanic, and a doctor--I think "minding their own business" on this particular day means that Gene has his Cortina and Devon has his, I don't know, Prius (what does Awesome drive?) into the same local car repair shop, run by Kaylee. They're passing the time swapping horrific work stories (Gene has some really choice ones about idiot criminals, Devon has some great gross stuff from his ER rotations) and checking out Kaylee, who is enjoying the attention as well as Gene's classic car.

That's when the zombies arrive. Kaylee wants to run, but there's nowhere to run to; Devon immediately thinks that this must be some insane spy thing gone amuck, and tries to call Chuck (no answer); Gene just heaves a big sigh and starts ordering the others around to get the shop barricaded off.

I expect they survive a while--depending on what kind of zombie apocalypse this is, they might even contribute to solving it.


Janet Fraiser, Vila Restal, Kaylee Frye, and Devon "Awesome" Woodcomb are playing Scrabble. What are the highest scoring words each puts down and who wins?

...wow. Vila keeps putting down words that the dictionary won't let him get away with; Kaylee tries to use techincal jargon, but half of her words would only be found in a specialized list; Janet and Devon settle into a war of medical terms, which leads into other, long, Latinate vocabulary. Janet wins, though Devon puts down the highest scoring word of the night: xerophthalmia, "dry eyes," crossing and using letters from 3 other words.

It's a pretty awesome game, actually, and everyone enjoys themselves.

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