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Chuck/I-Man, DO WANT

So I've sort of been keeping my eyes open for anyone writing Chuck/The Invisible Man crossover stories this season. None so far, at least not in any of my usual haunts (although to be fair I don't really read Chuck fic, so I may have missed one). Too bad, because the sense of humor, the characters, the fact that both Chuck and Darien have government stuff in their heads...I have a feeling there could be a fantastic story in there.

Especially after the finale that just aired.

Not only does Chuck have government stuff in his head, it's messing with his mind and SANITY. It causes disorientation and pain when those effects are starting to get really bad. He requires a "governor" to regulate the extra energy in his brain caused by using the Intersect....and even just a little bit of time without it appears to dump him right back into mental deterioration.

Can we say, "mechanical counteragent," boys and girls?

Not to mention the whole family connection to the government secrets in his brain. (Chuck's Dad, Darien's brother--both tragically dead in their arms, now.)

So. Much. Potential. Awesome.

Someone needs to write this. Complete with an action-y plot and both teams totally distrusting each other, and Chuck having a gigantic WTF moment when he flashes on Darien, because....invisible man? Really? *snerk*
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