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N3 and TS drabbles

Fandom: Numb3rs
Title: Home Is Where....
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Length: 100 words
Spoilers: not really anything at all, if you've seen part of first season at least.
Summary: Sometimes only touch can make home real.


Home Is Where.... (N3)

by izhilzha


Don let himself in at midnight. The kitchen light was on. He stood there, feeling like a very small child.

She came out to him, smiled, opened her arms wide. "Donnie, oh, my Donnie."

Somehow he'd thought she'd be frail; that the cancer would have stolen her away already. But the hand cradling his head against her shoulder was strong, and she was as soft and warm as she'd ever been. "Mom."

She held him tighter. "It's okay, Don. Everything's going to be okay."

For one moment, Don let the tension drain out of him and believed that it would.


Fandom: The Sentinel
Title: New Normal
Rating: G
Genre: GEN
Length: 100 words
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Jim's sentinel thing comes with extreme attention to the tactile sense. Blair doesn't realize just how much until it's gone.


New Normal

by izhilzha


Blair's studied cultural quirks, including social contracts like personal space. Which is relevant to his sentinel, who doesn't seem to have any--Jim's pretty much hands on all the time.

It's been three weeks since Jim endured a nightmare of drug-overloaded senses. That long since Blair has seen his friend touch anyone, or let anyone touch him. Blair's shoulders are knotted from tension. Even realizing that he sees Jim's withdrawal as the signal of an approaching threat doesn't help.

Nothing does, until the morning Jim bumps shoulders with him on the way to the shower.

There's no more reason to fear.


A big thank you to my beta readers, kalquessa and feliciakw. :)
Tags: my fics, numb3rs, the sentinel, writing

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