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The Finish-a-thon returns! - Light One Candle

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June 5th, 2010

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11:11 am - The Finish-a-thon returns!
You guys, the 2010 Finish-a-thon is open for signups! And the sign-up period is only going to last a week, so you may need to figure out which bunnies are loudest quickly. :)

kerravonsen continues to refine the process; the link above goes to the announcement post, and her are direct links to the Rules and FAQ and to the Sign Up form.

Corral all those wayward unfinished stories and lonely plot bunnies! Bring them over to be voted on, and have a chance to finish that fic you've always want to finish.

ETA: And I just signed up, so check out the bunnies I will have up for voting.
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