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The Finish-a-thon has decided!

I am going to be writing:

Fandom: Doctor Who/Life on Mars
Rating: adult
Type: gen
Description: DI Sam Tyler woke up in 1973, and after months there still isn't sure whether he's mad, in a coma, or back in time. John Smith--a copper, he claims, but Sam's not so sure--muscles into the most disturbing case Sam has ever worked, and Sam begins to see in Smith what he suspects others see in him: a skewed outsider's perspective verging on insanity. Has Smith also traveled through time? Or is there something more sinister in play than Sam has yet figured out? (Might be a tiny bit of het sprinkled in here, Sam/Annie, but should mostly be gen.)

So yeah, the toughest one wins. Naturally. Though I'm very pleased; I've been dying to write this, I've got the whole arc and theme planned out, the first scene started, a decent plot outline...and anything that gives an excuse to rewatch Life on Mars and the Ninth Doctor episodes of Doctor Who is a good thing. :)

You can see what everyone else will be writing here.
Tags: crossover, doctor who, ficathon, finishathon, life on mars, my fics, writing

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