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With Amy, Rory, and the Doctor, my new favorite Team TARDIS.

Observations on writing this team of characters:

--Eleven, seen from an outsider's perspective, can seem like a truly heartless person. O_o WTF, Doctor, I love you, you are not-so-slowly replacing Nine as My Doctor, so why are you scaring me and making my Rory yell at you?

--If I'm not really careful, Rory is going to turn into the only sensible person around. Not that this contradicts canon in any way, really. Hee. <3 Rory.

--Amy keeps insisting on having as much of the story agency as possible in every scene. It's not enough that this is her story emotionally, nor that she is my POV character. She refuses to be passive, even when damaged enough that Rory is seriously panicking over her. Ooookay, Amy. See how long you can keep that up. Not even Amy Pond is a bottomless well of energy. (In other news, Amy's dialogue? An absolute blast to write.)

--I don't know if the emotional stuff is hitting too close to home for me or what, but this rough draft is going to need a severe overhaul. And I'm worried enough that I think I will need to enlist a really good beta, preferably one who has seen the entire 5th series, so as to be familiar with the character dynamics.

*goes off to write what ought to be the last scene*
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