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Doctor Who recs

Okay, the two fics are both Eleventh Doctor; the vids are multi-Doctor. :)


The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords), by Netgirl_y2k
The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.
This is quite adorable; I was just wishing for a fic where the Doctor has a child in the TARDIS, and this early-series-5 AU is it. A lot of humor, and the Doctor being oblivious, and Amelia being kind of awesome. Spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour" but not really anything else.

The Time I've Spent, by Rheanna
This is a scene--a conversation, really, set after the series 5 finale. MAJOR SPOILERS. But anyone who liked the finale is encouraged to read it. It's exactly what should have happened next, and is canon in my head now. I particularly offer this to Rory fans.


Don't Rain On My Parade, by nancyblackett
Same gal who gave us the Moving Right Along vid. The Doctor, having crazy adventures for 10 incarnations. :) Fantastic song choice and some delightful editing.

A Tribute To The Doctor [1963 - 2010] , by vortexguy934
Just what it says on the tin: a tribute to One through Eleven. :) If you haven't seen series 5, there are some mild spoilers, pre-finale.
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