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Letters to unemployment/tutoring agency

Dear EDD:

When your letter says to wait by the phone for my interview call about benefits between two specific times on a specific day, you need to make sure I get called DURING THAT TIME. I can't sit around and wait in case you're running late.

Seriously. I'm not going to sit around my house the rest of the day. This is bull.

No love for your governmental incompetency,



Dear Tutoring Agency,

Thank you for being so helpful when I needed your people to help me get ahold of my student and her family during the last 2 months I worked with her. They were so helpful that I fell short on my tutoring hours because I couldn't set up sessions with her!

Breach of contract, my ass. You guys just want all the money you can squeeze out of your contractors. See if I ever work for you again, or let anyone I know work for you.

Vastly annoyed,

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